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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Husband Gave Away Topless Pics Of Her

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Jamie Lynn sure picked herself a real winner.  Her husband, Casey Aldridge, is looking more and more like the poster boy for stupid rednecks, what with the idiotic things he’s been doing lately.  Just a few months ago, for example, he was roaring around in an ATV with a gun in his lap and then ordered a bunch of paparazzi out of their “private property”, while pointing a gun at one of them.  But it turns out they were in public land after all.

And now here he is, after doing another stupid thing, which is taking his camera card to a local Wal-Mart to have copies made of the contents, and part of the contents were pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears’ titties.  No, don’t worry, they weren’t Vanessa Hudgens-type pics, Jamie Lynn was breast feeding at the time.  Well, naturally someone made copies of those photos and tried to sell them, which of course is a crime because Jamie Lynn’s still a minor.  And all that brouhaha is all thanks to Einstein over there on his ATV.

Didn’t he just threaten paparazzis for trying to take photos of them and now there he is practically giving away pics of his wife’s breasts!  He sure belongs with the Spears clan all right.  Check out this site, because one day when it’s legal, you might actually get to see her boobies over there!