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Jamie Lynn Spears Still Sexy After Getting Preggy?

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

I don’t know if her male teen fans will still find her sexy after seeing Jamie Lynn Spears all bloated and pregnant like this, but if she still wants to be as famous as her big sister, she’s gonna have to work at it.  Hard.  ‘Work at it’ of course means working out a lot, to burn all those excess pregnancy pounds.  Here she is getting out of her SUV.  Now can you tell me, which is the SUV and which is Jamie Lynn Spears?  They’re both wearing white and they’re both blocking the view, so I’m sort of confused on which is which.

Just kidding, with all of Britney’s millions, I’m sure they can afford a personal trainer and lots of medical enhancements, so all those elementary school boys who’ve been watching Nickolodeon because of her can rest easy.  I mean, just look at those legs, they’re still pretty nice and slender from the look of things.  She’ll be sexy again, and you can click on this link to see Jamie Lynn Spears naked — in your dreams, you horny kids!