Jamie Lynn Spears Naked

Who would’ve thought that Britney Spears would some day be overshadowed by her little sister? Even if it’s only going to be for a few weeks or a month at most, Jamie Lynn Spears is now the talk of the town, because of the birth of her baby, Maddie Briann Aldridge.  Jamie Lynn has now achieved a level of fame she could only dream about as star of the Nickolodeon TEENick show “Zoey 101’!  Britney needs to get into some new scandal quick, if she wants to be a tabloid darling again.

Jamie Lynn first gained attention as Britney’s little sister, of course, appearing in Britney’s “Total Britney Live” concert video in 2001, and in a Pepsi commercial in 2002.  With the kind of family she was born into, showbiz was in her future, no doubt, and through Britney she landed her first film role in “Crossroads”, where she played the young version of Lucy, Britney’s character in that movie.  A very appropriate role for her, one she was born to do, you might say.  Following in Britney’s footsteps was the natural thing to do for her, and I’m sure many were hoping she wouldn’t follow too far, and end up with some Jamie Lynn Spears naked pictures.

But it seems like there’s something dysfunctional about the Spears family, because even with a hit TV show with “Zoey 101″ and a huge pre-teen following, Jamie Lynn couldn’t be counted on to act responsibly, just like her big sister.  At the age of 16, Jamie Lynn Spears’ fame peaked (until this year) when she announced that she was pregnant with her 18 year-old boyfriend’s baby.  She looks set to have a very controversy-filled future ahead of her, and we think you’ll enjoy following the saga of the younger Spears by checking in on Jamie Lynn Spears Naked once in a while to see what other naughty things Britney’s sister will be up to.

Surely you don’t expect her relationship with her young and immature fiance to last, do you?