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Jamie Lynn Spears Looks Hot In Tiny Bikini

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

hot jamie lynn spears bikini

Jamie Lynn Spears is one hot teen MILF. Oh yes, Britney’s little sis has been giving me the hots for the longest time! Just check out these smoking hot Jamie Lynn Spears bikini photos. These pictures shows why Jamie Lynn is one hot babe: a serious face that’s angelic yet erotic, a pair of hot tits that begs to be licked and caressed, and a firm ass that l just want to pinch to see it, all in a slim, well-toned, and obviously well-taken care of body! She is really a hot mama and she has no problem attracting men of all ages!

hot jamie lynn spears swimwear

And fortunately for us, Jamie Lynn has no qualms about walking around, scantily clad in her hot bikini, even if there are paparazzi photographers lurking about and snapping away at her every move. And she looks sizzling hot in that tiny bikini of hers. She is just too much to handle and these sexy bikini pics of Jamie Lynn Spears are enough to make me want to jerk off!

sexy jamie lynn spears hottie

Jamie Lynn Spears is a young hot MILF

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Jamie Lynn Spears is becoming more and more like her sister but unlike the latter, she is way hotter and well—more sane. But not sane enough to make a mistake by popping out a baby with her douchey-in-all-sense boyfriend Casey Alridge who cheated on her while she was pregnant. She should’ve known a baby will suck out all the hotness in her. When I think about it though, the baby gave her those milky breasts and voluptuous hips good for grinding a stiff cock.

She used to be jailbait. To be honest, she’s the only reason why I watch the Disney Channel. It sounds pathetic but you probably agree with me that at her age, she already acts like a little whore. Check out the clothes she’s wearing. If it doesn’t scream ‘please rip my hymen!’ then I don’t know what does. Clearly, she’s a horny little slut who was dying to have a cock between her thighs that’s why she went out of her way to find one. Unlucky for her, her sweet pussy ended up in some cheating redneck’s tiny pecker. See more of this young sex kitten’s sexy pics in all her milfy goodness.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Husband Gave Away Topless Pics Of Her

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Jamie Lynn sure picked herself a real winner.  Her husband, Casey Aldridge, is looking more and more like the poster boy for stupid rednecks, what with the idiotic things he’s been doing lately.  Just a few months ago, for example, he was roaring around in an ATV with a gun in his lap and then ordered a bunch of paparazzi out of their “private property”, while pointing a gun at one of them.  But it turns out they were in public land after all.

And now here he is, after doing another stupid thing, which is taking his camera card to a local Wal-Mart to have copies made of the contents, and part of the contents were pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears’ titties.  No, don’t worry, they weren’t Vanessa Hudgens-type pics, Jamie Lynn was breast feeding at the time.  Well, naturally someone made copies of those photos and tried to sell them, which of course is a crime because Jamie Lynn’s still a minor.  And all that brouhaha is all thanks to Einstein over there on his ATV.

Didn’t he just threaten paparazzis for trying to take photos of them and now there he is practically giving away pics of his wife’s breasts!  He sure belongs with the Spears clan all right.  Check out this site, because one day when it’s legal, you might actually get to see her boobies over there!

It’s A Girl For Jamie Lynn Spears And Her Guy

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

On June 19, 2008, Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to Maddie Briann Aldridge.  Congratulations, teen mother!  Boy, is Casey Aldridge lucky he’s only about two years older than Jamie Lynn Spears!  Getting a sixteen year-old girl pregnant would’ve been something that would’ve totally ruined his future otherwise.  Which doesn’t mean he’s off the hook just yet.  Depending on where they did the deed, he could still be charged with something.  Still, with the recent birth of his and Jamie Lynn’s child, that’s probably be the last thing on his mind as the bask in the pure joy that a newborn brings.  The problems will come later, when Maddie’s sixteen and screwing around with her older boyfriend, getting pregnant in the process!

Good luck to the happy couple!  They’re going to need it, what with Jamie Lynn Spears going wild like her sister Britney, as seen in the pictures in that link we just posted…

Jamie Lynn’s Summertime Licking Spree

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Ah, those more innocent days of yore, when Jamie Lynn Spears was just another teen hanging out with her friends on the beach, posing for the camera in their bikinis.  Now that’s what being a teen is all about, especially during the summer.  Girls in bikinis are a natural part of a guy’s summertime memories, especially if they’re the geeky loser types who look at those girls and bikinis through a telescope.  There’s a lot of memorization going on there, let me tell you!  I’m sure Jamie Lynn’s guy friends are missing her svelte figure, and her innocent ways, like licking a giant fake lollipop.  With another one of her hot friends at the other end of the huge sucker, those teenage boys might be feeling their swimming trunks getting a bit too tight, though.

Girls will be girls, especially today, when they’re running wild all over the place with their digicams.  If you want to see more of Jamie Lynn Spears’ wildest candid moments, click this link and see those pics she thought she’d safely hidden away!

Jamie Lynn Spears Still Sexy After Getting Preggy?

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

I don’t know if her male teen fans will still find her sexy after seeing Jamie Lynn Spears all bloated and pregnant like this, but if she still wants to be as famous as her big sister, she’s gonna have to work at it.  Hard.  ‘Work at it’ of course means working out a lot, to burn all those excess pregnancy pounds.  Here she is getting out of her SUV.  Now can you tell me, which is the SUV and which is Jamie Lynn Spears?  They’re both wearing white and they’re both blocking the view, so I’m sort of confused on which is which.

Just kidding, with all of Britney’s millions, I’m sure they can afford a personal trainer and lots of medical enhancements, so all those elementary school boys who’ve been watching Nickolodeon because of her can rest easy.  I mean, just look at those legs, they’re still pretty nice and slender from the look of things.  She’ll be sexy again, and you can click on this link to see Jamie Lynn Spears naked — in your dreams, you horny kids!